THW-IHM Reports

Minutes from 5 21 12 Global Solidarity Meeting

  1. Sunflower Press Discussion:
    1. Matthew to provide a design package for quotation by Padibe contractors by May 31.  We are unsure if Matthew will be able to go at the end of the summer; it does not seem like we have funding for that right now.
    2. We need to continue on with the project as planned.  Tentative plan: foundation should be quoted in June, started in July, and complete by the end of August.
    3. Business Plan. Money for foundation will be sent when the initial business plan is received from Louis.  The initial business plan should include, at a minimum:
      1. Budget and proposed timeline for each part of the project:
        1. Foundation
        2. Buildings
        3. Equipment (press, generator, electrical hookups, tanks, etc)
        4. Hiring timeline and payment plan for employee(s)
        5. Plan for organizing the community to make bricks, including how many bricks will be needed
      2. Operation Plan for the business:
        1. Organization (people)
        2. Startup of operation: how will we begin, before we are seeing a lot of seed?  Can one person both operate the press and run the business in the beginning?
        3. How to manage down time, when no seed needs to be pressed
        4. Handling of money, bank, people, accountability
        5. % of oil to be taken as payment (20%?)
        6. Funding of operational expenses (fuel, wages, repair parts, etc)
        7. Plan for selling cake and oil from co-op to make money (who will we sell them to?  For how much?)
        8. Plan for saving money to fund the added equipment
      3. Initial thoughts on how to invest the money saved: what might our next project be with the proceeds?
    4. Fundraising.  We still have a long way to go in fundraising, but we think we see the plan that will get us there or at least close to there by the end of October.  We need to know the full budget of the project very soon to plan fundraising.  We will have 3 major sources of income this year: Mission appeal (Oct 20/21), Shawn/Erin wedding (Oct 13), and St. John’s fundraiser (ca. Oct 17).   We still need to know if MSOE will be a sponsor; that is TBD.
  2. Pewaukee High School GS
    1. Spirit is moving well; about a dozen high school girls are eager to organize and making plans
    2. A proposed plan is to sponsor one child in Padibe from each classroom of the district (roughly 80 students per year).  That means about 20 Pewaukee kids would be responsible for raising funds to sponsor one child in the Padibe area for that year’s fees.  The plan would be to fund only a portion of the school fees, not all.  This is only one possible plan; it has not been committed yet.
    3. The district would like to take 5 weekdays of the delegation’s time in October, most likely the week of October 22.  Otim will be really important; we must strive to get him here.
  3. October visit planning (this is all tentative but pretty likely)
    1. October 11 or 12 – arrive in Milwaukee and stay at St. John’s through October 14
    2. October 12, evening: party before wedding (optional)
    3. October 13: wedding and wedding reception
    4. October 14: Mass, probably dinner with a family; go to new house(s) for lodging
    5. October 17, late afternoon through night, Fundraiser at St. John’s (tentative)
    6. October 20/21: Mission Appeal at the churches
    7. Oct 22-26 (days) Pewaukee School District  (nights) stay with Erin/Shawn and or other Waukesha county area families
    8. Return October 27 or later
    9. Other ideas for visit, to be scheduled later:
      1. Hospital visit
      2. Time with Jean and Bob daVita re: hospitals
      3. Time with Dr. Lee re: medicine
      4. Cultural exchange
      5. Music exchange
      6. Retreat or other activity going on in the parish during the visit
      7. MSOE visit
      8. Collaborative event with Sts. Peter and Paul twinning group




A-         Monitoring water project

B-          Monitoring Peace Harvest Project in Lokung, in Madi-Opei and Dul pa Daudi Okello in Padibe zone.

C-         Achievement.

D-         Challenges.

E-          Opinion and Conclusion

I have been monitoring all water points installed in Padibe Parish and they are working well and it is all ready for testing to be put to use. All beneficiaries are happy of having this water project as their benefits result into better hygiene to their families.


Although all water is working well, in some households children are damaging the nozzles and the connectors where we experienced some leakages and I always keep repair by reminding.

We have many Christians who submitted their names with a lot of interest asking for water filters to installed to their homes and they are ready to buy their barrels, what can you say about this issue?

The ACX we were having has got finished and to expand the project there is need for more ACX. Can you please tell us the contact of the person who can provide us with the detailed information on ACX and PVC pipes?



We have two types of test that is Biological Test and Chemical Test where it is found in Gulu and belong to the organ concern, if possible may you enlighten me what to do for the issue of testing our water? Because our people wanted to start drinking their filtered water.

B-I have already submitted Global Solidarity Organization with the projects especially for water Filters project to Lamwo District Water Officer for approval so that the project {water is Life} the government knows how it works in the district and it expansion as well, because I am getting as many applications asking for water filters both Padibe and in Madi-Opei.

C-Through my monitoring and evaluation I have found out that in some areas we have seasonal streams where it dries in dry season and swampy in wet season hence what can you suggest about such areas in order to collect and save water for their daily uses?


Water project is 100% successfully in Padibe Catholic Church; just we are waiting for final approval weather clean or not clean water after testing.


LOKUNG, we have five different groups and five members each group.

Below are the names:-

1-        Olebi Ox Cultivation

Members are: a- Arach Mary

b-Ocana Aldo

c-Ayany Antoniata

d-Lobwo Dario Moyo

e-Daniel Comboni Lokirac

Oxen names—Olwala and Bob

Number of acres ploughed is 10 acres.

2-Parapul Agricultural Christians Group

Members are:a-Okot mark Oska

b-Oboma Alfonsio

c-Oyella Regina

d-David kaifa

e-Susan Oceng

Oxen names—Olik and Ocuc

Number of acres ploughed is 8 acres

3-Ngomoromo Ox Cultivator

Members are:a-Komakec Bosco

b-Otema Alex

c-Oteka Philiph

d-Aciro Esther

e-Odokonyero Robert

Oxen names—John and Todd

Number of acres ploughed is 10 acres.

4-Potwach Peasant Farmer

Members are;a-Ocola Morish

b-Onama John

c-Lonyera Matheo

d-Mary Ocana Labukgo

e-Ongun Samson

Oxen names—Noah and Adam

Number of acres ploughed is 6 acres

5-Pangira Rural Cultivators

Members are:a-Akena Charles

b-Ogeno Charles

c-Okeny Vincent

d-Akech Rose

e-Aryemo Madalena

Oxen names—Obono and Bless

NB-All these two oxen got lost in dry season up to now due to lack of water because we have seasonal streams. But we gave a charge of refund a member concerned with the lost of oxen and the person is paying by installment to the group so as to buy other oxen.

Generally the Health status of the oxen are all good and they are growing bigger and bigger

Attached is their photos.


Donkeys allocation is in eight different groups and below are their names.

1-Ogen Rwot is in Kal Village

Members are:a-Akwilina Lalengo

b-Richard Ocaya

c-Ketty Akongo

d-Rosalba Aciro

Donkey names—Mary and Monday +2kits

Number of acres ploughed is 6 acres, able to carry water, luggage.

2-Labot Oyeng in Pobura Village

Members are: a-Grace Alum

b-Madalena Adok

c-Moses Ocan

d-Tonny Okello

e-Simon Peter Obita

Donkey names—Laker and Jildo

Number of acres ploughed is 5acres, and effectives

3Tutte Pire tek in Kal Central village

Members are: a-Florance Atim

b- Jacob Oroma

c- Rosalba Lojore

d- Grace Laker

Donkey names—Boy and Grace +2kits

Number of acres ploughed is 8 acres, active in all fields

4-Adong Kena in kal Village

Members are: a-Simon Peter Odera

b-Mangret Oyella

c-Willy Opoka

d-Ceserina Akwero

e-Filda Abur

Donkey names—Hellen and Simon

Number of Acres ploughed is 6 acres and carry other luggage

5-Cathecists in Kal Village

Members are: a-Sisto olebe

b-Karla Acola

c-Terrence oyik

d-Agustino moro

e-Batholomeo Ongala

Donkey names—Wakombozi and Matheo

Number of acres ploughed is 6acres

6-Timkica in Okol Village

Members are: a-Joseph Gwen

b-Jimmy Onyuu

c-Teodora Lamunu

d-Corina Akec

Patrick Kaunda

Donkey names—John and Yakobo

Number of acres ploughed is 8 acres and active in all fields.

7-Dii Cwinyi in Lawiye Oduny Village

Members are;a-Hellen Anek

b-Ventorina Arach

c-Elda Aloyo

Donkey names—Jimmy and Zakeo

Number of acres ploughed is 6 acres

8-Lacan pe Ool in Pobura Village

Members are:a-Christine Okello

b-Lilly Akwero

c-Jaboloni Acenye

Donkey names—Paul and Lopaba

Number of acres ploughed is 12 acres, ferry water, and other luggage, this is the best of all. The Donkey which were supposed to be given to Lokung are not given we are still expecting to be given by the peace harvest


All the oxen is doing well and mainly specializing in only two major crops that is sunflower and rice only.

The number of acres ploughed is 15 acres.

The committees are planning to give computer training to the members, Christian community and the community of the nuns in Padibe starting from the 6th, Sep -8th 2010

Attached are the photos

Greetings from Padibe.