Acoli Cultural Revival Organization Post 5

Monday, January 4, 2016

There was a little more sleep for me last night which is very good since I really am still recovering from all the travel and now have to be up and ready for 7 am mass every morning.

It was a beautiful morning. The bell rings every morning at 6:30 am, I slowly rise, make a cup of tea, get dressed as quickly as possible and go outside. It is much cooler outside than in the room since we have to lock up the rectory windows and doors very securely every night. Doris and Hellen are up and beginning the daily chores, the chickens are squawking like crazy all over the yard, and the goats are everywhere. A few people walk outside the gate on their way to work or town. A group of women and girls are gathered around the well filling gerry cans with water for the day It is a beautiful morning, but the sky says just wait, it will be at least 100 today.

After mass, Fr. and I enjoy breakfast and conversation then I am off the ACRO (Acoli Cultural Revival Organization) office to give George a box of 1,600 flyers printed in the US and carried in one of my checked bags. Later we make our way to the town center going to the main “shops” dropping off flyers for them to post on their wall. Of course, we greet many people along the way for short conversations finally arriving at Churchill’s restaurant/soccer bar/and boarding house where George simply must have lunch. Churchill pays a big bill to have satellite TV so he can broadcast the soccer matches which packs the house often. Today there is only a 70’s American movie on starring a young Debra Winger.

We moved out of the town center and made our way up some small roads and trails to the outside gate in the wall surrounding Padibe Girls Primary School. ACRO decided this will be the venue for the Acoli Cultural Revival Gala on Jan 20 and 21. He showed me around describing where everything was going to happen, and we began moving back. On the way, the small trail took us through the yard of several homes (huts) where everyone offered me food, but we came unannounced and just visited for a bit and then moved on.

The afternoon was spent visiting with Augustine and his brother, Ojara John Bosco. John Bosco always takes our order for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets for a group of ladies in Padibe who make the beautiful jewelry. We always carry them home in our baggage because shipping from Padibe is very expensive.

Here are some photos of Augustine’s wife Fiona and daughter, Gabreilla.

Theona, Augustine, and the ever smiling, Gabriella

Deacon Rob and Gabriella

After this visit between old friends I went back to the rectory for my late afternoon bath and poured lots of cold water over me! On the way I came across Daniel having choir practice with a few members. The sat in the shade on a log outside the church and Fr. Charles joined them.

Daniel directing a few choir members.

After dinner and a really wonderful conversation with Fr. Charles it was off to bed for me.

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