Get Involved

“I want to act. What do I do? Who do I contact? Who’s doing what?”

Here are a few groups working to make a difference:

Thee Holy Women Parish (Milwaukee, USA), Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (Padibe, Uganda) and the Order of Little Sisters of Mary (Padibe).

In Padibe, very little money goes a long way.  One example: education.  In Milwaukee, one of the least expensive private schools has an annual tuition of about $3,600. You can support a single child in Padibe for $360 per year – one-tenth the cost!

This has been a powerful factor for some who have lent financial assistance to organizations working to make a difference in Northern Uganda.

One possibility is to support the Three Holy Women Parish’s Padibe Education fund, working with the Little Sisters of Mary in Padibe to provide direct support for local students of elementary, high-school and vocational schools.

If you’d like more active involvement, and you’re in Milwaukee, you could join the Three Holy Women Global Solidarity Ministry, function of the Three Holy Women Roman Catholic Parish on Milwaukee’s East Side.  THW and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Padibe, Uganda formed a partnership in 2008 – to celebrate the bonds of common human experience, to help with child and adult education, and provide for basic human needs. Some people have actively joined the ministry.  Others have donated to Three Holy Women’s Padibe Education fund or IMH Human Needs fund. Visit Three Holy Women Local/Global Solidarity Ministry web page for more information.

Invisible Children

If you are a student (define that however you like), Invisble Children is another option. They are an extremely active group, with chapters across the USA. To start, watch the movie “Invisible Children”. It is a must-see film. You can buy the DVD or attend a viewing. Their website – – has more information.


There are other organizations with localized efforts whose financial support would be greatly appreciated, and remarkably effective. (Missions: provide practical agricultural training; provide clean drinking water, etc.)

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