The GSC supports students through the educational system in Primary, Secondary, and University Schools.

Child NameSchoolClass
Nancy AngomPadibe Girls P/sP.5
Scovia AnenaPadibe Girls P/sP.5
HOSBORN OWACIPadibe Girls’ Primary SchoolP.7
IVAN RUBANGAKENEPadibe Girls’ Primary SchoolP.7
FIONA LABWOCHJubilee 2000 Secondary SchoolS.1
DENISH ONENCANArch Bishop Flynn CollegeS.2
OLIVA ALAROAbok seed secondary schoolS.2
WINIFRED ADONGArch Bishop Flynn CollegeS.3
REQUIEL ONONOArch Bishop Negri CollegeS.4
ELVIS PACOTOOcer Campion CollegeS.4
ALEX OGALOcer Campion CollegeS.4
LILLIAN ABERY.Y Okot Memorial CollegeS.4
DAVID OCANArch Bishop Flynn CollegeS.6
Simon peter OnencanWagwa High SchoolS.6
JENNET AMITOSt. Joseph School of NursingYear 1
ROCKY PACOTOUCIPD-Agriculture courseYear 1
JACQULINE ATIMANANGOMakerere universityYear 1
Patrick OwacguiKitgum technical instituteYear 1(MVT)
NANCY LAMARAUCIPD- Medical RecordYear 2
MONICA AGENORWOTSt. Monica Tailoring SchoolYear 2
ISAAC ORYEM OLUMKitgum Blessed Primary Teachers’ CollegeYear 2